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Short Term Technical Training

The following table lists companies and colleges that offer a range of short term technical telecommunications training courses. For details on the individual courses they offer either follow the link to their web site or to the supplementary pages.


Types of Courses

Site Link

2050 Training Ltd
Training on Mitel Systems
AIRCOM International
Suppliers of technical cellular training courses worldwide
Axiom - MSS
Network Communications Concept
Bailbrook College (now part of Serco)
Wide range of Technical and Commercial Telecoms courses.
Bull Information Systems
Telecommunications fundamentals
CableNet Training
Short term cabling courses
Call Centre Consultants Ltd
Range of seminars on call centre management
Career Track
Carlton Training (appear to have gone away) Fibre Optic installation
Data Communications Cable installation
Celtic Communications Europe Ltd (CCE)
Technical and non technical and seminar Telecommunications courses in all areas of communications.
Also involved in consultancy and builds in the above fields.
Dango Training Services
Radio Station Operator
Range of seminars & workshops on Customer service and Call Centre Management
ETS Direct
Range of Communications and Network Training courses and briefings
Fox IT
Range of week long intensive courses on Network Services
Frost & Sullivan
Courses on mobile comms, high speed networking, network management etc
Green Turret
Sandwich courses for ICT certificates
Heckfield Place Training
Data Communications
HN Networks
Specialise in training and consultancy in Telecommunications and Datacommunications Technologies
IBM United Kingdom
Wide range of courses available
IIR Training
Call Centre Training
Informatics CTEC
Introduction to Data Communications
InterConnect Communications
Specialises in Telecommunication policy, laws, licensing,regulatory regimes etc

Kings College London (University of London)
Microwave CAD in Mobile/Satellite Communications
Knowledgepool Ltd
Practical Network Essentials
Learning Tree International
Wide range of short term courses
Lewellyn Training
mpirical limited
Current and Emerging Mobile/Wireless Technologies training for technical and non technical personnel. Topics include: GSM/GPRS/UMTS
Netcom Solutions Int.
Various courses in Network Services Management
Network Training
Oasis Knowledge
Provides VoIP courses and IP telephony training and support services
The Phillips Group
PTR Associates
QA Training
Principles & Fundamentals of Telecommunications
Reed Training
RTT Programs Ltd
Receiver/Transmitter RF & IF Processing
The Universitry of Essex
The Universitry of Salford
Acoustics for Telecommunications
The Universitry of York
Wide range of 5 day courses run by Dept. of Electronics.
Ultracomp Ltd
Various courses in Network Services Management
University of Oxford
Short Electronics and Communications courses for professional engineers
University of Surrey
Third Generation Mobile Communications
Wave Technologies International
AIX Communications Overview
Westminster College
Communications & Networking


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