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S-S Technologies -
S. P. Communications Ltd -  
S.A.S. Distribution Ltd -
S.B. Electronic Systems Ltd Manufacture & Sales of Bar Code Systems  
S.B.E. Ltd Repair & Refurbish Mobile Phones
S.C.S. Data Communications I.T. & Telecomms One Stop Service Providers http;//
S.F.L. Cellular Ltd Radio Communication Manufacture  
S.M.S. Ltd Computer Services to the N.H.S.
S.O.S. Ltd Telecommunications Equipment Sales & Support
S.P. Darker Electronics Ltd Electronic Systems Installations  
S.R.S. Telecom Ltd Retail Telecommunications Equipment  
Sabre Telecommunications Ltd Sabre buy and sell all manner of refurbished/second user PBX equipment - Lucent, Mitel, Meridian, iSDX, INDeX, Ericsson. They can ship worldwide. Log on to see what we can do for you

Safe Control Ltd Voice & Data Cabling Specialists
Sage Insruments - /index.html
Sagem U.K. Telecomms & Electronic Equipment Manufacturer  
Samsung Telecom America -
Samsung Telecoms Ltd Telephone Systems Sales & Distribution
Sattel Communications Company -
Sceptre Networking Ltd Structured Cabling Specialists
Schlumberger Evaluation & Production Svcs U.K. Ltd Wireline & Testing Services
Scientific Atlanta Europe Ltd Sales & Support of Telecommunications Equipment
Scope Marketing Communications U.K. Ltd Manufacture of On Site UHF Paging, Pagers, telemetry, security, personnel tracking, medical. Equipment approvals Europe, USA Canada.
Scopus Network Technologies Scopus Network Technologies' intelligent MPEG-2 and DVB video distribution architecture enables professional broadcasters to make a quick and smooth transition to the digital age.
Scotia Telecom Ltd Business Telephone Systems Sales & Support
Scottish Telecom Services Plc Telecommunication Service Providers  
Sea Talk Systems Ltd Telecommunications Equipment Suppliers  
Sedgewall Communications Group Ltd Telecommunications Manufacturers
SeeTech -
Select Systems London Ltd Computer & Telecoms Systems Integrators  
Sematron U.K. Ltd Satellite Equipment Distribution
Serco Field Services Ltd Motorway Communications Installation
Serco Justice Communication Solution Providers
Servicepower Ltd Computer & Datacommunications Cable Manufacturers
Servista Servista is the leading provider of outsourced customer care and billing services for the home services markets
Servo Computer Services Plc Computer Solution Services
Sharples Copying Services Ltd PC System & Telecommunication Solution Provider
Shekhana Computer Services Ltd Console Machines & Gaming Accessories Distributors
Shiva -
Shook Electronics USA Inc -
Siebert Industries Ltd Sales and Support of Telecommunications Equipment
Siemens AG -
Siemens Communications Ltd Manufacture & Support Telecommunications Equipment
Siemens Plc UPS Solutions
Siemens UK -
Siemens USA -
Siemon Co. Ltd Manufacturer of Structured Cabling Systems
Sierra Wireless Inc -
Sigma Computers Engineering & Maintenance Ltd I.T. Solution Providers
Silicon Graphics
Silversands Computers PC Network Services
Simoco Europe Ltd Mobile Radio Sales  
Sinetica Corporation Ltd Specialises in integrating any device onto the IT network using SNMP
Singapore Telecom International Europe Ltd Sales of Telecomms Equipment & Peripherals
Sirius Communications NV -
Sirti Ltd Telecommunication Equipment Sales  
SkyTel -
Smallworld Systems Inc -
Smart Connection Co. Ltd Telecommunication Service Provider
Smarttalk Communications Ltd Telecommunication Solutions Providers
Smye-Rumsby Ltd Suppliers of Communication Equipment  
Sofimation Ltd -
Solar Communications Ltd Data & Voice Cabling
Solar Systems -
Solsis Ltd PC Systems Sales & Support
Sonic Communications International Ltd Communications Equipment Manufacture & Sales
Sony -
Sotas Network and fraud management solutions; QOS, network performance, traffic analysis and billing verification systems
Sotel I.T. & Telecommunication Solution Provider
South West Telecomms Ltd Telecommunications Equipment Sales & Support  
Space Innovations Ltd Satellite Hardware & Software Systems Designers
Space Technology Systems Ltd Telecommunications Installations  
Speakerbus Ltd Instant Voice Systems Manufacture
Special Telephone Systems Ltd Automatic Call Distribution
Specialized Resources Inc -
Spectron Communications Ltd Data & Voice Cabling Installation  
Spectrum Electrical Group T/u E.C.S.G. Ltd Data, Voice & Fibre Optic Cabling Installation  
Sphinx C.S.T. Software Distributors
Spider Software Ltd Software Development Services
Spire Telecommunications Ltd Telecomms Equipment Supplier
Spitfire Technology Group Ltd Communication Systems Solutions Centre
Splice Fibre Management Systems Fibre management systems
Sprintel Communications U.K. Ltd Manufacture Hand Held Pagers  
SR Telecom -
Stack Computer Solutions Ltd Voice & Data Networking Solution Providers
Standard Microsystems Corporation -
Star Specialist Systems Telecommunication Systems Sales & Installation  
Stento U.K. Ltd Manufacture, supply and install integrated communications and security systems.
Sterry Communications U.K. Ltd Telecommunications Systems Solution Providers
Storacall Attachments Ltd Communications Solution Providers
Storacall Group Ltd Telecommunications Equipment, Call Centre systems, Call Processors ACD & UCD, Voice Recording, Voice Mail, Telephone hoods, Telephone announcers
StrataCom -
Stratum Media Ltd Computer Equipment & Telephone Sales & Support
Sumitomo Electric Europe Ltd Cabling Suppliers  
Summit Technologies Plc Telecom & Computer Equipment Resellers  
Sun Microsystems -
Sunrise Telecom Manufacturer and designer of handheld test sets and protocol analyzers for broadband service verification
Sure Office Systems Ltd Telecommunication Systems Sales & Support
Suretel Systems Ltd Sales of Small Business Systems & Accessories  
SVEC Computer Corporation -
Switch Communications Ltd Sales of Small Business Systems & Accessories  
Switch Electronics Ltd Distributors of Mobile Phone Accessories
Switch Energy & Telecom Telecoms Service Provider
SX3 Service & Systems Solutions Ltd I.T. Services
Sybiz Software U.K. Ltd Accounting Software Suppliers  
Symbol Technologies International Headquarters Manufacture Bar Coding Equipment
Symphony Telecommunications Plc Business Telecommunications Systems Sales  
Synectics Solutions Ltd PC Systems Sales & Support
Synex Telecommunications Ltd Telecommunication Equipment Sales & Support
Sys-LAN -
System Chytel Group Ltd Mobile Phone Sales  
System Innovation AB -
System Management ARTS (SMARTS) -
SystemNet Systemnet is dedicated to providing our valued customers with complete business solutions. Our comprehensive range of expert services aims to meet the ever-changing I.T. demands of today's workplace
Systems Telecoms Ltd Refurbished Telecoms Equipment
T-Mobil -
T.A.D. Technical Services Ltd Technical Service Specialists
T.C.F. Computer Services Ltd Computer Telephony & Document Imaging Solutions
T.I.C. Enterprises -
T.L.P. Technology Ltd Computer Systems Sales & Support
T.M.B. Systems Ltd Telephone Systems Suppliers  
T.N.L. Communications Ltd Business telephone system supplier, installer and maintainer
T.R.L. Technology Ltd Design & Development of Satellite
T.S. Electronics Ltd Suppliers of UPS & Power Systems
T.S.G. Systems Ltd Computer/CTI Company
Tadiran Microwave Networks Inc Radio Communications Equipment Maintenance  
Tadiran Telecom -
Tadpole Technology Plc Computer Manufacturer
Takeda Technology Ltd Install & Maintain Telecommunication Systems  
Talking Technology Telephone Systems Sales & Installation  
Tandem Computers -
Tantra Computers 2000 -  
Taphon Ltd Telecomms Equipment Supplier  
Task Communications Ltd Telecommunication Solutions  
Taurus Business Equipment Ltd Telecommunications Sales & Service
Taylor Made Computer Solutions Computer & Telecommunications Solution Providers  
TCS Cabling Installations Ltd Network Installation Services
TDK Semiconductor Corp. -
TDMC Inc - Telecom Data Management Communications Inc -
Team Communication Services Ltd Structured Cabling & Connectivity Services  
Team Concept U.K. Ltd Telecomms Equipment Provider
Technicable Ltd Network Cabling Installations
Technical Consulting Co. Ltd Computer & Communications Solutions
Technical Diagnostic Services, Inc. Buy, Sell, Rent, Lease, Calibrate, Repair, Training, and Service Electrical Test Equipment
Techsite International AB -
Teclogic Ltd Repair Telephone & Computer Equipment
Tecore Inc -
Tekelec -
Tekton -
Telco Centre Mobile Telecommunications Suppliers  
Telco Systems Inc -
Telconex Ltd Telecommunication Equipment Distribution
Teldor Wires and Cables -
Teleadapt Ltd -
Telecall Ltd Supply and maintenance of telephone systems and computer networks and associated equipment.
Telecom & Data Systems Ltd Telecommunications Systems & Installations  
Telecom (G.B.) Ltd Least Cost Routers  
Telecom 2000 Telecomms Equipment Sales USA consumer tips and long distance service comparison
Telecom Consultants Ltd Telecommunication Equipment Suppliers  
Telecom Direct Ltd LCR Service Operating For Business Clients
Telecom Express Ltd Telecommunication Service Provider
Telecom F.M. Ltd Design, Develop & Manufacture LCR Products
Telecom Infinity Telecom Infinity is an emerging provider of infrastructure solutions and services for telecommunications, digital television, interactive media and Internet industries and markets. The company has been granted Government authorisation/license to establish and operate a national broadband network in Ghana
Telecom Maintenance Ltd Telecommunication Systems Sales & Support  
Telecom Midlands Ltd Communication Systems Suppliers
Telecom Northern Telecomms Equipment Sales  
Telecom Plus Plc Suppliers of Telecommunications Systems
Telecom Products Ltd IP telephony, voice over IP, ADSL and VOIP specialists. Supplying the latest IP PBX business telephone systems
Telecom Reseller Provides all your telecommunications equipment requirements
Telecom Supply Line Ltd Supply Telecommunications Equipment & Cabling
Telecom Technologies Inc. -
Telecom Tradeline Ltd Suppliers of Telecommunications Equipment  
Telecom Wales Ltd Telecommunication Solution Providers
Telecomet International Ltd Communications Systems Installation & Development
Telecomms Installation & Maintenance Ltd Data & Voice Cabling Installation  
Telecommunicable Plc Telephone System Repairs  
Telecommunication Technology Maintenance Ltd Telecommunication Systems Sales & Support
Telecommunications International Agencies Ltd Mobile Communications Sales  
Telecommunications U.K. Ltd Telephone Information Management
Telecost Ltd. Call logging and billing software
Telect -
Teledata -
Telefficiency Ltd Least Cost Routing Service  
Telefonix - Business Telephone Systems Telefonix specialise in voice and data communications and provide innovative and cost effective solutions to customers from a wide range of industries. We provide expert help and advice for businesses and individuals alike. Products: Avaya IP Office, Panasonic KXTDA and Siemens HiPath.
Telegence Technologie Ltd Call Centre & Suppliers of I.T. Products
Telelogic AB -
Telemate Software -
Telematic Ltd Manufacture Lightning & Surge Protection Systems -incorportaed into MTL Surge Business Unit of Atlantic Scientific July 2002
Telephone Co. Ltd Sales & Installation of Business Telephone Systems  
Telephone Maintenance Group Plc Telecommunications Maintenance  
Telephone Management Systems Ltd Telecomms Equipment Supplier
Telephone Recorders Direct Online shop for telephone call recording equipment
Telephone Signalling (Systems) Ltd Sales & Installation of Business Telephone Systems
Telephonetics Interactive Voice Systems Ltd Voice Interactive Telephone Systems Solutions
Teleport U.K. Ltd T/a Satellite Media Services Satellite Communication Service
Telequip Ltd Sales & Installation of Telecommunications Equip
Telesciences Software House  
Telesens GmbH -
Telesmart Developments Ltd Computer Communications
Telesoft Design Ltd Telecoms Equipment Engineering & Manufacture
Telesys U.K. Ltd Telecommunications & Electrical Systems Solutions
Telewood Refurbished Second User Telephone Supplier
Teligent Ltd Network Development & Services
Telindus Ltd. -
Telinet Ltd Telecommunications & I.T. Solution Providers
Tellabs Inc. -
Tellabs U.K. Ltd Telecommunications Specialists
Telnet (Residential) Ltd Least Cost Routing  
Telrad -
Telsis Supplier of products for advanced telecommunications services
Telsoft Inc. Design and manufacture of telecom products
Telspec Europe Ltd Manufacturer Telecommunications Equipment
Telstar Communications Communication Equipment Sales & Installation  
Teltrend Inc -
Teltrend Ltd -
Telulex Inc -
Telwise Ltd Sales & Installation of Telecomm Systems  
Tensor Plc Tensor Plc are leading manufacturers of time and attendance systems in the UK
Terayon Corporation -
Tergor Electronics Ltd Manufacture Internal Communications Equipment  
Tertio Ltd Computer & Telephony Integration
Tertis -
Test Solutions Technology Inc. -
Teswaine Business Communications Ltd Supply & Install Network Cabling
Tethers Unlimited -
Tetrel Ltd Manufacture & Distribute Pay PhonesInstall Voice & Data Communication Networks  
Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing Site -
Texcel Technology Plc Manufacture and Supplier of network & facility management systems.The Vision range of remote monitors enable cpmplex site management to become a reality. The VSys management system allows operators to manage their network at their NMC.
TH Communications Ltd. -
The LeBLANC Group -
Thin Film Technology -
Thermal Memory MStrain relief cable protection heat shrink tubing for computer harnesses requiring MIL-DTL-23053, VG 95343, UL, CSA with UL3239 high voltage wires and AS41088 PTFE spirap - spiralwrap high temperature tubing.
Thomson Alarm & Communications Systems Ltd Install Voice & Data Communication Networks  
Thomson Communications U.K. Ltd Business Telecommunications Solutions  
Thornton Communications Ltd Telecommunications Equipment Sales & Support  
Three Peaks Ltd Computer Networking Specialists  
Threestar I.C.S. Sales of Computer Hardware & Telecommunication Eqp
Thursby Software Systems Inc -
TIE/communications (UK) Limited -
Time Fame Plc Connectivity & Communication Solution Providers
TimesTen -
TimeStep -
Titan Technology Ltd Titan Technology is a leading Business Telecommunications Provider for fixed line and mobile solutions. They partner the UK's Largest Suppliers, including Samsung Telecoms, Energis, Colt, Opal, Vodaphone and O2, to provide Advanced Digital Systems, Business Call (Non Geographic Numbers), Call Cost Reduction, Voice and Data Integration, VoIP and Mobile Phones. With clients across all industrial sectors from SMEs to Blue-Chip Corporations, Governmental Bodies and International Charities, why not call them today on 0800 316 8886
Tollgrade Communications Inc -
TOPCALL UK Ltd Leading vendor of Unified Messaging Service platforms. Headquartered in Austria
Torex B.I.T. Data Communications & Cabling  
Toshiba Information Systems U.K. Ltd Distribute Computer, Telecoms & Office Equipment  
Toshiba Systems Division. -
Total Networks Total Networks provide computer support services and network cabling installations in Norwich, Norfolk and throughout the UK
Total Network Solutions Ltd Voice & Data Communications Specialists
Touchbase Communications Ltd Our total focus is on meeting business need through effective delivery of the best communications technology and its ongoing development, management and support
Townley Communications Plc Mobile Phone Rental Service  
Trans-Send International Ltd. -
Transcable Installations Ltd Telecommunications & Cable T.V. Installations  
TranSwitch Corporation -
Trend Communications Ltd Test Products & Network Services
Trescray Network Communications Ltd Datacommunications & Telecommunications Solutions
Trinite Ltd Communication Service Specialists
Triquint Semiconductor -
Triton Communications Ltd Business Telecommunication System Suppliers  
TRL Technology Ltd -
TTC - Telecommunications Techniques Corporation -
Tunak International Ltd LAN & WAN Cabling Installation
Tunstall Telecom Ltd Installation of Warden Call & Door Entry Systems  
Turnhouse Office Equipment Ltd Office & Computer Consumable Suppliers  
Tut Systems
Tyco Communication Install & Maintain Telecommunications Equipment
U.A. Comms Ltd Tower and Mast erection; antenna rigging for the cellular industry
U.K. Telecom Plc Pay Phone Supply & Installation
Ubiquity Software Corporation Ltd Digital Software Development  
Ukerna Ltd Network & ISDN Solutions  
Ulster Aerials Radio & Data Network Installation  
Ultima Networks Plc Network Integration Services
Unica Telecommunication Service Providers
Unimax Systems Corporation -
Uniqueair Ltd -
United Connect Ltd Least Cost Router  
United Networks Ltd Digital Systems Installation  
United Office Systems Ltd Suppliers of Telecommunication & Office Equipment  
Universal Communications U.K. Ltd Least Cost Router
Universal Networks -
Universal Office Automation Ltd Voice & Data Solution Specialists
Uniworld Commmunications Ltd Telecommunication Services
Used Telecoms Supply Carrier, Central Office and PBX telephone equipment, cards, handsets, terminals and spare parts, operating as an international supplier to the telecommunications market
US Robotics -
UTStarcom -
V-Sol Ltd V-SOL provide what is probably the only true real time live GSM and GPS vehicle tracking, location and communication system in the UK and Europe
Vadis Ltd Data & Voice Networking Services
Vanco -
Veccom -
Verilog -
Versant -
Videospectra Test Instruments -
Virtual Access U.K. Ltd Modem Manufacturers  
Visual Networks -
Vocom Ltd Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Telecommunications hardware, software & services
Vodafone Hire Solutions Ltd Mobile Phone Hire Service
Vodafone Paging Ltd Sales of Vodafone Pagers  
Voice Connect Ltd Voice Mail & Messaging Systems Solutions
Voice Integrated Products (VIP) Supplier of Voice Processing solutions including Voicemail, ACD, Auto Attendant, Interactive Voice Response, Desktop Call Control, Emergency Notification, Lone Worker, Location Independant Working, Unified Messaging etc.
Voice Products Ltd Retail Bespoke Voice Solutions
Voicecom Plc Telecomms Solutions  
Voicemobility -
VoiceNet Ltd Telecommunications Solutions Providers
Voicerite Ltd Voice Processing Specialists
Volamp Ltd Manufacture Fibre Optic Cabling
VTEL Europe Ltd Video Communications Solution Provider
W.G. & R. Communications Ltd Telecommunication Equipment Installation  
W.P.B. Computer Supplies Ltd Complete Computer Solution Centre
Wandel & Goltermann -
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann Communication Test Solutions  
Wearside Communications Ltd Sales & Support of Communication Equipment  
Webb Electronics & Communications Ltd Voice & Data Communication Specialists  
West One Technology Ltd B2B telecom auctions
Westbase Technology Ltd Distributor of Unix/Networking
Westbay Engineers Limited -
Westcom Technical Services Ltd Installation of Business Telephone Systems
Westell Technologies
Western Telecom Telecommunication Equipment Sales & Support  
Weston Associates Ltd Voice Recorder Sales & Support
Westwood Communications Ltd Mobile Phone Repair Centre  
Williams Telecommunications Systems Inc -
Wireless Dealer Network Specializes in locating independent, non-exclusive retail wireless stores and Dealers nationwide USA
Wireless Communications Technologies - Online portal for Wireless Solutions, Cellular Phones and Cell Phone Accessories Shipped to anywhere in the world
WiseBand Communications Ltd -
Wood & Douglas Ltd Manufacturers of Radio Communication Equipment
Worksmart Technology Ltd London UK based specialist technology company whose core business is assisting companies planning to move office. Products and services include Structured Data Cabling, Telephone Systems, IT Networking and Least Cost Routint
World Exchange Communications Ltd Sales & Support of Telecommunications Equipment  
World Exchange Ltd National & International Telecommunication Service
World Telecom Labs U.K. Ltd Manufacture ISDN Computer Cards
WorldComm Systems Inc. -
Wrycom Supply & Repair Telecommunication Equipment
X-CEL Communications -
X-Net OY -
X.K.O. Group PLC e-business software & IT services
Yello Telcommunications Management Ltd Telecoms Equipment Sales & Support
Yorkshire Telecommunications (Leeds) Ltd Sales & Support of Business Telephone Systems  
Zetron Inc Communications Control Equipment Distributors
Zip Communications Least Cost Routing & Mobile Phone Sales
Zircom Data Communications Ltd Voice & Data Communication Systems Sales & Install  
Zoom Hayes Data & Voice Communication Equipment Manufacturers  







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